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 2020 Membership Information

Individual Membership:
 Receipt of the MNYBAALAS quarterly newsletter, The Sentinel via email.

 Opportunity to receive a free AALAS Learning Library Account
 Discounts on tickets to the Annual Installation Dinner and other branch events.
 Admission to workshops/wet labs (Members receive preference when seating is limited.)
 Continuing education credits and certificates  for the AALAS registry.
 Ability to run for office and/or council positions within the branch.
 Opportunity to nominate and/or receive various branch awards.

Vendor Membership:
In addition to Individual Membership benefits: Buy DNP Online Canada
 Includes up to 3 members in the membership
 A business card will be included on our branch’s website.
 Opportunities to sponsor branch meetings and other events, such as the annual Installation Dinner and District 1 Training Seminars.
 Advertising opportunities in newsletter and on our branch website,

Institutional Membership: Select Level:
All members are entitled to Individual Membership benefits and 5 newsletters for:
Micro: 5 – 9 members ($22.00 /member) 
Small: 10 – 19 members ($21.00/member)
Medium: 20 – 34 members ($20.00/member) 
Large 35 – 49 members ($19.00/member) 
Macro: 50 + members ($18.00/member) 

 Opportunity to apply for the Mark Friedman Scholarship, awarded by MNYBAALAS. This award assists a facility in hosting a summer internship for a veterinary student interested in the field.

 You may also provide a typed list/spreadsheet of your member names to accompany this form, provided that all relevant info is included. Please enter members in alphabetical order by Last name, first name.

For questions concerning your new or existing membership account,

Please contact

The Metropolitan NY Branch of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (“MNYBAALAS”) does not discriminate against individuals or groups regarding membership and/or event attendance. However, MNYBAALAS reserves the right to deny registration to individuals for any reason, including, but not limited to an individual’s or group’s previous history of affiliation with organizations that make or have made a practice of opposing the beliefs, mission, and/or affiliation(s) of MNYBAALAS and/or National AALAS and/or has a prior history of negative interaction with MNYBAALAS and/or National AALAS.